Stewartsville Baptist Church
Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Music Ministry

Music plays an important role here at Stewartsville Baptist. We believe that music is worship and that it enables the worshiper to prepare their heart to receive the message in Word. Our worship service is a blended style, using both praise and worship and traditional hymn singing. Drama, interpretive movement, instrumental music, choir specials, solos and duets are ways we use music in worship, seeking a variety of ways to present the gospel in order to meet the diverse interests of the members of the congregation. The various programs within the music ministry are:

Adult Choir - The Adult Choir meets on Wednesday nights for rehearsal and sings most Sundays for worship. We prepare a full-length musical for the Christmas season, as well as special music for Easter, July 4th, Thanksgiving, and other special emphasis services. Within the adult choir we have an ensemble for ladies, an ensemble for men and women, and various duos and trios. The Minister of Music directs this choir.
Youth Choir - Youth choir is for those students in grades 7-12. We sing a combination of contemporary, praise, and gospel music. The youth choir sings for several Sunday services and will be preparing a musical to be presented during the year. The Minister of Music also directs this choir.
Children's Choir - Our children's choir consists of students from grades 1-6. They meet each week to prepare a Christmas musical, a summer musical and music for other special services. This choir, one of the children's favorite ministries, is directed by Mrs. Betty Ray.
Preschool Choir - Preschool choir meets each week, providing the children ages 3-5 a time of learning music and activities. They present special music for various services during the year. A volunteer leader directs this choir.
Instrumental Ministry - Those who play an instrument have a place of ministry here at Stewartsville Baptist. Currently we use piano and organ, keyboard, trombone and trumpet, and bass guitar. All instrumentalists, whether brass, woodwind or strings can join the ensemble as we lead in worship each Sunday. As the ensemble grows, regular rehearsal times will be established.

For more information please email our worship leader Garry Stuart.